Sweat & Flow: Steel Mace Workouts

30 steel mace workouts made with freedom in mind. The freedom to train where you want, when you want, without pain, and while having fun.

When did working out stop feeling fun? 

  • When you stepped into the same, crowded gym, did the same routine, with the same equipment, and realized you’re seeing the same results? 
  • When your schedule got tighter? And finding the time to train seemed impossible? 
  • When you got injured? And didn’t know how you could still train and recover?

I get it. 

Whether it’s limited time, space, or an injury that’s holding you back, I’m here to remind you... 

You’re a warrior and deserve a workout that makes you feel like one.

You’re strong. 

You have what it takes to crush your fitness goals. 

And I’m here to help. 


If you’re ready to reach your goals and have fun with flexible, effective workouts, look no further.

Work out like a warrior. Whenever. Wherever.

Gain the freedom to train anytime and anywhere you can swing it. 

All you need? Your mace, your phone, or your laptop, and you’re armed for the most fun full-body conditioning out there. 

Become a better “mover”.

With the mace, you build muscle while moving your body as it’s meant to so that you:

  • get stronger in all the ways you twist and turn.
  • improve sports performance. 
  • develop the muscles to stand straighter and grip tighter.

No pain. No fuss. Just fun. 

These workouts make it easy to stay consistent and - more importantly - build a body that handles everyday movements pain-free. 

Ready to Sweat & Flow? 

Here’s how it works:

Step 1

Buy Sweat & Flow

You’ll get immediate access to 30 steel mace workout videos. Just find the place and time that’s best for you, grab your mace, your device, and you’re ready to go.

Step 2

Custom-build your workout

Sweat & Flow means you’re free to train, when, where, and how you want. 

To get the most out of it, complete these 15 - 20 minute, full-body workouts 2 - 3 days a week. Gradually increase to 4 - 5 days, or whatever suits your goal. These workouts work great as a month-long program or a supplement to other weight training. 

Warriors of all levels should start each session with the “Warm Up” video. For those just starting their steel mace journey, start with the “Beginner Workouts” and work your way up. If you’re a seasoned vet or somewhere in between, start where you feel most comfortable.

Step 3


More energy. Improved posture, balance, grip, and overall strength. A more balanced body. A clearer mind. What will 30 days of these low-risk, high-reward workouts do for you?

No more worrying about when you can fit in a session.
No more time wasted waiting for machines
or money spent on costly tools.

Other programs require crowded gyms, expensive equipment, or unrealistic time commitments that are hard on your wallet and your body, making it a challenge to stay consistent. 

With Sweat & Flow, you’re able to adapt your workouts to your unique lifestyle and schedule.

Enroll Now

Want a peek at how Sweat & Flow can help for free?

Click the link below. 

You’ll see for yourself how in three easy steps, you can use the mace to: 

  • Fix rounded shoulders to improve posture
  • Minimize neck and shoulder pain 
  • Reduce stress 

Get your free PDF (AND an exclusive bonus video after you download it) now!

Fix Rounded Shoulders In 3 Easy Steps with A Steel Mace

Example Curriculum

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  Warm Up and Cool Down
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  Beginner Workouts
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  Intermediate Workouts
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  Advance Workout One
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If you’re ready to get stronger and be free:

  • Free to train when, where, and how you want 
  • Free from boring, ineffective workouts 
  • Free from overcrowded classes and overpriced memberships  
  • Free from workout-induced pain

Get Sweat & Flow today!

Flow Down

Before I discovered steel mace training I was your typical everyday gym goer looking to stay healthy, strong and lean. Always setting aside a few hours a day to drive to the gym, workout the same old way with bells and machines, inside a crowded stale space. Now after a year with my mace and not having a gym membership my workouts are like a new adventure every time. From swing maces in parks, national forest, and even on top of Lone Mountain,NV I get dynamic, full-body workouts that energize me in less time it takes to go to gym! I have more time to adventure, spend with my love ones, and doing activities that bring me joy, knowing that I got a great workout that literally travels with me everywhere.

This is Steel Mace Flow

Coach Quinn

The Steel Mace Prince

Your instructor, Coach Quinn started his steel mace journey in the summer of 2019. Dual certified through Steel Mace Flow & Primal Mace movement. Quinn took to the mace and the aspect of flow quickly, incorporating his dance background into his movement as well as his coaching. He's been exercising/ playing with the mace everyday since then and his love for its exercise and mental health benefits has only grown. Which lead him to create "Sweat & Flow" to share his passion and the benefits with everyone around the world.